Our Mission

CrossFit Wynwood’s goal is to deliver the CrossFit program safely and effectively. Regardless of your athletic ability, our CrossFit program will push each and every one of our members to their athletic peak. Through nutrition and exercise, we will not only improve your athletic performance, but also improve your overall well being.

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Metcon (Time)

12 Days of Christmas

1 Clean & Jerk

2 Muscle-Ups

3 Box Jumps 36/30″

4 Hang Squat Snatch

5 Bar Facing Burpees

6 Push Press

7 Pistols (alternating)

8 T2B

9 Wall Ball 20/14lb

10 C2B Pullups


12 Front Squats (no racks)

After completing the first movement go back to 1 and begin again adding a new movement each round

**40 Min Cap**
Rx+/Competitors ONLY. 225/150lb C+J and Front Squats. 115/75lb Hang Squat Snatch and Push Press.

Rx 115/75lb for all

Intermediate 95/65lb for all

Scale 75/55lb for all

-if no muscle ups, 2 HEAVY ball slams

-if not comfortable with the hang snatch, then hang power, if shoulders are wonky DB snacth, HEAVY, same count

- 7 goblet squats if no pistols

- 16 v-ups for T2B

- 5 wall walks for HSPU