The Fundamentals

The Fundamentals

Are you eager to get into CrossFit? Come to our training center in Miami, FL today. Our CrossFit for beginners course will teach you the techniques you need for:

  • Gymnastics
  • Kettlebells
  • Barbells

You'll also learn CrossFit terminology and meet other members of the training community.

Contact us today to book your CrossFit fundamentals training sessions.

How to Start CrossFit Training Successfully

Learn the CrossFit fundamentals at our Miami, FL location

Because your safety and success are paramount to us, if you are now to CrossFit we require that you take our 4-class on-ramp program to help beginners acclimate to the training regimen. CrossFit Wynwood's On-Ramp program is comprised of a series of four group training/teaching sessions where you will learn all of the basic movements, implements and terminology we use in CrossFit everyday.

In small groups of 4-6 people or fewer, your certified CrossFit trainer will introduce you to the CrossFit basics. Once you've completed your four sessions, you can begin to participate in the regular daily class workout.
Known as the WOD- Workout Of the Day.

Call or visit our fitness center in Miami, Florida today to start your CrossFit journey to better fitness, health, and well-being.