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CrossFit Open 2019 at CrossFit Wynwood

What is the Wynwood CrossFit Open?

A 5 Week Challenge consisting of 1 weekly workout that coincides with the 2019 CrossFit Open.

Two teams will battle it out over the 5 weeks to collect the most points and be crowned the Wynwood CrossFit Open WYNners.

The WYNning team will be announced at the end of the 5 weeks.
A tiebreaker workout will be released as "Week 6" if there is a tie after 5 weeks.

Like the CrossFit Games Open, you will compete within your own respective age division. You will have the opportunity to earn points for finishing within the top 3 performances of your division.
We have simplified the divisions into 3 age categories for both RX & Scaled categories:

  • Freshmen: Age 34 and under
  • JV (Junior Varsity: Ages 35-44
  • Varsity: Ages 45 and over

Official Hashtags for Social Media

When posting via social media channels, we urge those participating to use the following hashtags:


> Player Registration

To register, visit wco2019.wodifyarena.com. Payment will be processed via Wodify.

Team Details

Your CFW Coaching Staff will be selecting team captains and announcing them no later than Wednesday, February 13th.

Player Draft
On Sunday, February 17th, our CFW staff will gather to take turns randomly drafting players that have signed up for our WCO. You can still sign up after the draft takes place until Thursday February 21st. However, you may not choose which team you want to be on. The Captains are responsible for encouraging CFW members to sign up for the WCO. The more participation, the more opportunities for fun and points each team will have.

Players will be equally drafted into 2 teams. The CFW coaching staff has the right to reassign players to ensure equal distribution. There will be a "Black" and "Blue" themed teams respectively. Each team will vote upon their own creative names and/or mascots.


Coaches and members will all be your judges. A coach will go over the standards for the movements prior to starting each heat. Judges can judge their own teammates, however, we encourage you all to judge one another. For a better understanding of movement standards, anyone may enroll for the online CrossFit Judges course by visiting oc.crosfit.com.

Scoring System

At the end of 5 weeks, the team with the most cumulative points will be crowned The 2019 WYNNERS of the Wynwood CrossFit Open.

1) Attendance

Points are awarded for each team player who COMPLETES the workout each week. Completing the workout means doing more than 1 rep!

+3 points for completing the workout during Friday Night Lights.

+2 points for completing it on Friday AM, Saturday, or Sunday Open Gym (If did not attend FNL).

+1 point for showing up during Friday Night Lights, but not working out.

Your score is only valid if your scoresheet is submitted to a coach no later than that following Monday by 8:00pm EST deadline.
If you are crazy and do the workout twice or more, you will only receive credit for your first attempt within the WCO. You may repeat the workout(s) for the Worldwide CrossFit Open.
Example: If you do it both Friday and the Sunday, 3 points will still be awarded for the Friday attendance.

2) Performance

+2 points for every RX athlete who finishes among the top 3 male and top 3 female in their Division per workout.

+2 points for every Scaled athlete who finishes among the top 3 male and top 3 female in their Division per workout.

3) Spirit

+1 point added for posting a Friday Night Lights photo in your team colors.
+2 points to the top 5 people that judge the most athletes each week, regardless of team they are on.

4) Extra Credit Points

+1 point for completing weekly Social Media challenges.

Throughout the five weeks, we will be releasing Social Media challenges via Instagram & Facebook for you to receive extra points for your team. Stay tuned!
These challenges will only be valid Monday through Thursday.
The most possible amount of points a person can earn each week are 9 Points.


1. How do I register?
Visit wco2019.wodifyarena.com to register. Select your respective division. There will be an internal entry fee of $5 (+ $0.29 processing fee) to participate in our intramural competition. 100% of this fee will go towards a celebratory party for all members at the end of the open.

2. When are the workouts announced?
Open workouts will be announced on Thursday at 8:00pm and must be completed by Sunday.

3. When will we do the workouts?
Friday Night Lights Strikes Back! Beginning at 5:30pm till the fun is over:

Friday Feb 22nd

Friday Mar 1st

Friday Mar 8th

Friday Mar 15th

Friday Mar 22nd

Since there will be many of us participating in the Open, each workout will be run in multiple heats throughout the evening. There will be a Heat Sign Up Sheet that will open at 5:30pm each Friday, first come, first served. In all fairness, please do not ask anyone to hold a spot for you before you get to the box. You will complete the Open workout Friday night with a judge counting your reps and cheering you on. Your judge will be either a CFW staff member or a WCO athlete.

4. I've officially signed up through the CrossFit Games website (games.crossfit.com) and paid them directly. Do I still need to register & pay the $5 CFW entry fee?
YES! Our $5 entry will go towards a celebration party at the end of the 5 weeks.

5. I've signed up for the Wynwood CrossFit Open, do I still need to register at games.crossfit.com?
No, it is optional. You may still register if you wish to track your scores on the worldwide Leaderboard.

6. What if I miss a Friday Night Lights?
Any member may make up the Open workout during Friday AM, Saturday, and/or Sunday Open Gym 10am-12pm. Be sure to still come dressed in your team colors (points goes towards standings)! We want to encourage tons of participation during FNL. We also understand you might not be able to make it Fridays, Saturdays, or even Sundays. If not, as long as you get your workout completed and judged by someone and your score submitted to a coach no later than Sunday 2pm EST it counts! Please be mindful of our staff's time and refrain from asking them to judge you outside of Friday, Saturday, and Sunday Open Gym.

7. What if I come to a Friday Night Lights and only do 1 rep of the WOD or don't WOD at all (because I am sick/injured or I have to leave early, etc). Do I still get points for my team?
Yes, you will be rewarded with 1 point for your support and attendance!

Still have questions? Pop into class and ask your coaches... they have ALL the answers!