Group On-Ramp program

-Every new member must complete 6 sessions of our entry level program. These sessions are designed to safely introduce you to the movements we use on a regular basis in our group WODS.

-The On-Ramp provides an optimal learning environment within a small group setting. We will cap the class size at 8 to ensure each individual receives adequate instruction and attention. Your group will be coached through 6 sessions meeting 3 times a week for 2 weeks with an optional Saturday class at 10am .

-During these 6 sessions, you can expect to learn proper form and technique on specific gymnastic (body weight) movements, kettlebells, and barbell instruction. A conditioning element is also programmed into every On Ramp session to ensure that your fitness level is progressed safely and effectively.

Group On-Ramp Schedule

Monday/Wednesday/Fridays @ 7:00am


Monday/Wednesday/Fridays @ 6:30pm

Monday/Wednesday/Fridays @ 7:30pm

On Ramp Curriculum

- Each day the class meets, there will be a specific movement your coach will focus on. For example; Monday may be a squatting day, Wednesday a pressing day and Friday a deadlift day.

- Various skills will be introduced and you will have the opportunity to practice and repeat movements many times throughout your 6 sessions.

- You must complete each of the 6 sessions with your coach before moving on to group class WODS.

-If you miss a day (for example Monday), you will have to make up another session on a Monday.

-Your last session will be a group WOD at CrossFit Wynwood. Your coach will be with your group throughout the entire class.

Main - Competitors WOD


Behind The Neck Jerk (Work up to a heavy 1RM)

Behind the Neck Split Jerk (Work up to a Heavy 1RM)

Push Jerk (Work up to a heavy 1RM)

Split Jerk (Work up to a heavy 1RM)


Back Squat (3x3. Rest 2 minutes.)

Increase weight per set, or stay light and work on speed from the bottom. Its been a tough 2 days i think its better to stay light 50-55%.


Metcon (Weight)

EMOM for 15 minutes
5 rounds of:

Min 1 – 7 Push Jerks at 60% of best lift from any of the Jerks in #1
Min 2 – :45 second hollow hold
Min 3 – 5 unbroken MU – complete as many strict as possible.
Scale for MU is 5 Strict UB C2B Pullups and 5 Strict UB Ring Dips.