Private Fundamentals

-Every new member must complete 3 sessions of our entry level program. These sessions are designed to safely introduce you to the movements we use on a regular basis in our group WODS.

-The Private Fundamentals program provides an optimal learning environment within a small group setting. We will cap the class size at 8 to ensure each individual receives adequate instruction and attention. Your group will be coached through 3 sessions meeting based on your schedule and trainer availability (please contact us to schedule dates).

-During these 3 sessions, you can expect to learn proper form and technique on specific gymnastic (body weight) movements, kettlebells, and barbell instruction. A conditioning element is also programmed into every On Ramp session to ensure that your fitness level is progressed safely and effectively.

Group On-Ramp Schedule

Contact us to schedule dates and times with one of our Certified Trainers.

Private Fundamentals Curriculum

- Each day the class meets, there will be a specific movement your coach will focus on. For example; Monday may be a squatting day, Tuesday a pressing day and Thursday a deadlift day.

- Various skills will be introduced and you will have the opportunity to practice and repeat movements many times throughout your 3 sessions.

- You must complete each of the 3 sessions with your coach before moving on to group class WODS.

-If you miss a day (for example Monday), you will have to reschedule with your trainer.

-Your last session will be a group WOD at CrossFit Wynwood. Your coach will be with your group throughout the entire class.

CrossFit Wynwood - CrossFit


Back Squat (5 x 3 Back Squats @ 75%)


Metcon (Time)

For Time:

400 m Run

15 S2OH RX: 135/95
4 minute Cap

Metcon (Time)

Begin at 4 minute mark

For Time:

500 m Row

12 F. Squats RX: 185/115
4 Minute Cap

Metcon (Time)

Begin at 8 minute Mark.

For time:

100 DUBS

9 Deadlifts RX: 225/135
4 Minute Cap