Group On-Ramp program

-Every new member must complete 6 sessions of our entry level program. These sessions are designed to safely introduce you to the movements we use on a regular basis in our group WODS.

-The On-Ramp provides an optimal learning environment within a small group setting. We will cap the class size at 8 to ensure each individual receives adequate instruction and attention. Your group will be coached through 6 sessions meeting 3 times a week for 2 weeks with an optional Saturday class at 10am .

-During these 6 sessions, you can expect to learn proper form and technique on specific gymnastic (body weight) movements, kettlebells, and barbell instruction. A conditioning element is also programmed into every On Ramp session to ensure that your fitness level is progressed safely and effectively.

Group On-Ramp Schedule

Monday/Wednesday/Fridays @ 7:00am


Monday/Wednesday/Fridays @ 6:30pm

Monday/Wednesday/Fridays @ 7:30pm

On Ramp Curriculum

- Each day the class meets, there will be a specific movement your coach will focus on. For example; Monday may be a squatting day, Wednesday a pressing day and Friday a deadlift day.

- Various skills will be introduced and you will have the opportunity to practice and repeat movements many times throughout your 6 sessions.

- You must complete each of the 6 sessions with your coach before moving on to group class WODS.

-If you miss a day (for example Monday), you will have to make up another session on a Monday.

-Your last session will be a group WOD at CrossFit Wynwood. Your coach will be with your group throughout the entire class.

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Hi Everyone,
I sincerely apologize for the mass message because we all know how annoying they can be.

Our community has lost someone so special it's difficult to write this actual message. Her name was Analise Dlugasch. This past thanksgiving, she choked on a chicken bone in a restaurant and went into cardiac arrest. They managed to bring her back but she may have been without oxygen for 10 or more minutes. Since then she's been in a chemically induced coma. She just passed away yesterday. She was 25 years old.

When she first went into the hospital, I programmed a workout designed around her birthday and her favorite movements. We have trained this girl since she was a young teenager and her entire family goes to our gym. She was the oldest of three daughters of Phil and Lucie Dlugasch.

Words cannot describe how senseless and tragic this whole situation is but if would really mean the world to myself but more importantly to Analise's family if you all could program this workout in your gyms.

If you're able to, please take a picture of the group, and email it to me at so I can put a little photo collage together for her family. If you can pass this along to anyone else that you know that runs an affiliate and have them do the same that would be amazing.

Thanks so much for your support in advance.


Seated Unsupported Strict Press (5x5-6 reps. Rest 2-3 minutes.)

Sit on a bench without back support and press the barbell from shoulder to overhead


Analise (Time)

6 Rounds

Run 200 meters

20 KBS (55/35 lbs)

20 Burpees

(40 min cap)