Our Olympic Lifting class offers a new and dynamic workout that develops strength and power as well as total body strength. Our highly qualified Strength and Conditioning coaches from the University of Miami bring a new model of performance training that will have you lifting heavier, faster, and becoming more explosive. Focusing on Olympic Lifts: Cleans, Snatches, and Jerks, while emphasizing compound lifting: Squats, Dead Lifts, and Upper Body Barbell movements. These lifts combined with accessory lifts will develop you further as an athlete guaranteed!


- WOD 4 MS on Saturday, September 12th. Bootcampers, Newbies and Spinners will start at 9:00am and Crossfitters will start at 10:00am with another class at 11:00am.

- Tag Along Thursday (Bring a Friend) Every Thursday

- Yoga Thursday 8:30pm

- Beach WOD This Saturday, August 29th @ 10am

CrossFit Wynwood - CrossFit


Metcon (Time)

For Time:

100 DB Thrusters (35/20)
Note: Every minute on the minute you must perform 4 POWER CLEANS (165/115) and continue where you left off with the THRUSTERS.


Metcon (No Measure)

50 Weighted DB Sit Ups (choose the weight)
Hold the DB on your chest and perform a sit up.