Saturday 01/11/2020

CrossFit Wynwood - CrossFitView Public WhiteboardMetconMetcon (Time)Conditioning PARTNER WOD 40-30-20 OHS HSPU 800mts run together 20-15-10 Squat Snatch 800mts run together 20-30-40 Thrusters C2B pull ups

C.B.C. 01/11/2020

CrossFit Wynwood - C.B.C. WynwoodView Public WhiteboardOHS 4 LIFE!E2MOM x 10 Sets: 2 OHS *After each set, complete 40 Double-Unders Percentages: Set #1,2 – 70% of current 1RM OHS Set #3,4 – 75% Sets #5,6 [...]

Friday 01.10.2020

CrossFit Wynwood - CrossFitView Public WhiteboardStrengthPush Press (1RM)Build to a 1RMPush Jerk (1RM)Build to a 1RMMetconGrace (Time)For Time: 30 Clean and Jerks, 135# / 95#

Thursday 01/09/2020

CrossFit Wynwood - CrossFitView Public WhiteboardConditioningMobility Warm-up (No Measure)Today is the makeup day for week one of testing Make up any missed benchmarks completed this week Barbell Smashing hamstring stretch quad stretch shoulder stretch .Metcon [...]

Wednesday 01.08.2020

CrossFit Wynwood - CrossFitView Public WhiteboardStrengthBench Press (1 RM Bench Press)18 Minutes to Establish a 1 RM Bench PressConditioning100m Row (Time)100m Row200m Row (Time)Max effort 200m Row400m Row (Time)Max effort 400m RowMetconChristine (Time)3 Rounds for [...]

Tuesday 01.07.2019

CrossFit Wynwood - CrossFitView Public WhiteboardAccessoryTabata Hollow Rocks or Hold (AMRAP - Reps)8 setsSkillDeficit Handstand Push-ups (3-3-3-2-2-1-1 )Skill day will consist of HSPU progressions Beginner-work on being comfortable in a handstand position Intermediate - work [...]

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