CrossFit Wynwood - CrossFitCore WodMetcon (Time)5rds for time 10 Weighted Med Ball Sit Ups (14/10) RX+ Weighted GHD Sit Ups (14/10) 10 Super Mans RX+ GHD Back Extenstions 10sec L-Sit Hang 10sec Handstand Hold 10 [...]


CrossFit Wynwood - CrossFitStrengthBench Press (3 x 10)Every 3 min for 5 sets on a running clock 10 reps @60-70% of 1rmConditioning Metcon (Time)5rds for time: 30 Russian KB Swings (32/24 ) 15 Ring Dips [...]


CrossFit Wynwood - CrossFitStrength/SkillGymnastics Conditioning (Max Effort )3 Rounds of Unbroken C2B Pull Ups *Chest must touch the bar, if not, then NO REP YOURSELF! Advanced: 20 Unbroken Reps Intermediate: Max reps of C2B Pull [...]


CrossFit Wynwood - CrossFitStrengthHang Power Clean (3 rep max)Take 10min to build to a heavy 3 Rep Hang Power Clean (go for a 3rep max if it is available)StrengthPower Clean (1 rep max)6min to hit [...]


CrossFit Wynwood - CrossFitStrengthBear Complex Movement PrepWork each movement for 3x3 @ 50% of your Push Press Weight Power Clean Front Squat Push Press Back Squat Behind the Neck Push PressConditioning Partner Bear Complex (20 [...]


CrossFit Wynwood - CrossFitStrengthThruster (3rep max)Build to a heavy or max 3rep set over 5 setsConditioning Metcon (8 Rounds for reps)Every 2min for 16min 1 Rx C2B Pull Up + 1 ring dip Rx+ 1 [...]

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