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EMOM 8:00

Odd – 4-6 Shoulder Taps + HS Hold (within 0:35)

Even – 3-6 Strict Chin Ups + Top of Chin Up Hold (within 0:35)

– Perform in following order of progressions:

Floor Taps > Elbow Taps > Shoulder Taps > Hip Taps

– May perform Ring Row + Top Hold as Chin Up Progressions

Metcon (6 Rounds for reps)

6 Sets

Every 2:00, Perform

20/14 Calorie Row

AMRAP Max HSPU w/ remaining time

Rest 2:00 Between Sets
– Modify Calories accordingly

to perform row within 1:00-1:20

– For HSPU Progression, perform DB Push Press or HRPU


Accumalate 2:00 of each:

Hollow Hold

Arch Hold or Sorenson Hold (Facedown GHD)

Bottom of Squat w/ Light Counter Balance

*Can do 0:30 Sets of each*