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Warm-up (No Measure)

Partner Warm Up

1 Partner rows attempting to get as close to 100m as possible while the other partner performs max reps of below movements, then rotate.

2 rounds:

100m Row / Max Wall Balls

100m Row / Max Med Ball Cleans

100m Row / Max Med Ball Push Press

Then . . .

1 min scorpion stretch (30/30 seconds each side)

1 min lunge stretch (30/30 each side)

Then Warm Up for your “Goat” workout.

“Goat” = any gymnastic movement that you need to be better at.

Open Skill


10min EMOM
Odd Min: Goat 1

Even Min: Goat 2

Keep Your Reps Low and CONSISTENT!

Think practice and not training. Challenge to move with a purpose and not max out!


Metcon (5 Rounds for reps)

15min EMOM

Min 1: Row 20/15 Cals

Min 2: 20 Slam Balls (20/15)

Min 3: 15 v-sit ups or tuck jumps